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Get Your Next Smartphone From Virgin Mobile Phones

Are you looking for the next best and latest smartphone? Do you want a smartphone that can perfect your talking and texting needs? Then you can find your perfect match from the Virgin Mobile Phones. Virgin Mobile Phones got a wide selection of devices from the different giant mobile brands.  Whether you are looking for the next Samsung flagship or the latest Sony smartphone, Virgin Mobile phones have it!

Virgin  Mobile Phones Iphone

Virgin Mobile Phones – There’s A Phone For Everyone

With a wide selection of Virgin Mobile Phones, it is easy for a mobile junkie to find his or her favorite phone whether it be the fanciest mobile which is good for show off or just the budget-friendly ones which are best for the wallet.

  • What Brand Do You Prefer? Virgin Mobile Phones include collection of phones from different mobile brands like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia and so much more. Thus, there is no challenge finding the phone that you want when you choose from the Virgin Mobile Phones.
  • What Is Your Budget? If you are the type who is so keen on your budget, then select mobiles from Virgin Mobile Phones. The Virgin Mobile Phones both include high-end smartphones and budget-friendly mobiles.
  • What Phone Features Do You Like? Whether you are looking for a phone for talking and texting alone or a phone that perfects both your entertainment and productivity needs, Virgin Mobile Phones can give you the best phone from its very wide selection of mobiles.

If you want to take a look at all the Virgin Mobile Phones selection, click here. Or if you want to visit a store, find your nearest store here. You surely won’t have a hard time finding the best among the Virgin Mobile Phones.

Virgin Mobile Phones SmartCall

Virgin Mobile Phones – Save Cash With SmartCall

If you have a home phone talk plan under Virgin Mobile, then might as well download the SmartCall app in your Virgin Mobile Phone. Virgin Mobile Phones can now chat and call both nationally and internationally using your home phone talk plans minutes without additional cost. Hence, you will be save more when you install this app in all your Virgin Mobile Phones.

Virgin Mobile Phones SmartCall

Make Calls Abroad From Your Virgin Mobile Phones Without Additional Charges

With SmartCall app, you can call your friends abroad using the allowance in your Virgin talk phone plan. Just simply connect your Virgin Mobile phones to a WiFi network and start talking and chatting with your loved ones abroad at no additional cost.

Calls made from Virgin Mobile Phones using the SmartCall app are free and are synchronized with your home phone talk plan rather than the minutes and credit on your phone. This means that the app won’t be able to make a call unless your home talk plan still has minutes left. Hence, you won’t see SmartCall charges on your bill!

2 Virgin Mobile Phones Can Use The SmartCall App Simultaneously

Even when you only are subscribed to one home phone talk plan, two Virgin Mobile phones can download and use the SmartCall app. Both Virgin Mobile Phones can make use of the plan and make calls at the same time which means greater value for your money!

Drop Your Virgin Mobile Phones Bills With SmartCall App

When you use the SmartCall app on your Virgin Mobile Phones, there is a high chance that you will less likely use your mobile minutes. This means you will be able to save so much money and thereby drop your mobile plan to a lesser and more affordable one!

Virgin Mobile Phones Plan

Virgin Mobile Phones Review

Virgin Mobile, the company behind Virgin Mobile Phones, is a prepaid cellphone provider that offers loads of flexibility in its plans. The best feature of all Virgin Mobile phones would be its rock bottom priced services. The smartphone plans for Virgin Mobile phones already come with unlimited texts and data with affordable talk minutes. Perhaps the only problem you will have with Virgin Mobile phone is its poor coverage which cannot compete with the network coverage of four major nationwide carriers of the country.

Virgin Mobile Phones Plan

Get To Know Virgin Mobile Phones Cheap Plans

55$ monthly is the most expensive you can go with Virgin Mobile Phones. This amount is unbeatable by other mobile carriers considering that most of their plans only start off with this amount. This monthly plan already comes with unlimited talk, text and data. If you want a more affordable plan, you can choose the $45 or $35 plan from Virgin Mobile. Both of these plans still come with unlimited texts and data but call or talk minutes are limited to 1,200 and 300 minutes, respectively.

Virgin Mobile Phones feature excellent payment plans. Virgin Mobile offers a six month interest free payment plan on any Virgin Mobile phones over $99 through its partnership with PayPal. With this economic downfall still unending, this is a great offer for many Americans. Unfortunately, to qualify to this feature, you need to have a credit. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy the benefit of having interest free payment plan.

Cons Of Virgin Mobile Phones

Virgin Mobile Phones have problems with network access. As mentioned in the introductory part of this post, Virgin Mobile phones suffer poor reception owing to the network being powered by Sprint. If you live anywhere in the Western or rural Eastern states, you might have trouble with the reception. However, in major cities, network coverage is not an issue.

Virgin Mobile Phones

Why Choose Virgin Mobile Phones?

While there are so many carriers where you can buy a phone from, it is always a smart choice to get the Virgin Mobile phones. The Virgin Mobile Phones come with flexible phone plans which give value for your money. Aside from this, they come with inclusive features that other carriers don’t offer. To know more about why millions choose to get Virgin Mobile Phones, read on.

Virgin Mobile Phones

Reasons You Should Choose Virgin Mobile Phones

Virgin Mobile Phones promise a money back guarantee. Whenever you have problems with your Virgin Mobile phone and you wish to return it or have it changed with a different phone of the same value, you can just easily contact Virgin Mobile. With its 14 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, you can post back your Virgin Mobile phone for an exchange or a full refund (of course less the amount you spent for airtime and texts).

New Virgin Mobile Phones come with inclusive calls to Virgin Mobile Numbers. For the first 60 minutes, you can enjoy calls to Virgin Mobile number for free. To enjoy this free feature, it is important that the Virgin Mobile number called have originated a chargeable outbound call, SMS or data session within the previous 90 days. (Note: This feature does not apply when you are calling a number that is roaming overseas.)

You are ensured affordable services with Virgin Mobile Phones. When you get any of the Virgin Mobile phones, you will be assured of budget-friendly services that no other carriers could offer. This is probably the main reason why there are so many American switching to Virgin Mobile.

To know more about the amazing features of Virgin Mobile Phones, visit the main website here.